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The ReadTwinning Staff never stops, not even during holidays! Partners took advantage of the summertime not only for some beach reading, but mostly to get involved in a good programme: the Joint Staff Training.

The staff met online on the 12th and on the 13th of July for two sessions of self-training. It was the occasion to present different tools useful for improving the project, such as the Moodle Course, where all the materials created by the partners are shared, and the ReadTwinning Platform, which needed to be tested before being made public for students and teachers. The Joint Staff Training ended on the 6th of September with a final discussion about the entire training experience.

The first day started with Forum del Libro who presented a specific aspect of the Readtwinning Methodology, the Reading Tandems: small groups of readers that share common interests. Later, Gryd showed the participants how to use the main features of the Platform. The European University Cyprus explained the structure and content of the teachers' training hosted on the Moodle platform, which will be public soon and will take place in different countries. The team elaborated different modules about the ReadTwinning methodological approach, the pedagogical basis and some ideas for engaging students, particularly low motivated ones, through reading activities. The team also prepared some materials for the parental engagement courses, which aim at involving parents in engaging with the platform activities and their children through the love for reading.

On the second day, the team enjoyed an interesting Guest Lecture with Maria Vittoria Alfieri and Elena Bonifazi of Pearson, and Edoardo Montenegro of Betwyll. The guests explained to the ReadTwinning partners their experience of social reading and enriched our consortium by presenting the app Betwyll that combines reading with social networking to improve the experience of the reader. On the second part of the day, the group focused on the Lesson Plans. Gryd showed how to add, modify, and upload a Lesson Plan, whereas the partner schools from Cyprus, Portugal and Romania explained how to build and use lesson plans in class. 

During the summer, partners explored all the Moodle Course materials and had the opportunity to test all the available features of the ReadTwinning Platform. The Platform is also where the Joint Staff Training concentrated the most, because as "holiday homework" the participants should become part of – at least one – Reading Tandem. The partners chose a book according to their personal interests, and by working in small groups they filled in their reading diary. 

On the 6th of September the partners met for the final session and shared the experiences made during the summer. They reported on both the Moodle Course materials and on the user experience of the Platform.

Thanks to the Joint Staff Training, the Intellectual Outputs of ReadTwinning are now ready to be tested. The partners have the necessary toolkit to support all people interested in joining the ReadTwinning world! 



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