The ReadTwinning project follows the in the footsteps of the Erasmus+ Project, The Living Book —Augmenting Reading for Life.

The project ended in August 2019, but its precious heritage has been transmitted to the entire organisation of ReadTwinning.

For this reason, we are extremely proud to announce that Professor Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheri, who was the Project Coordinator of The Living Book for European University of Cyprus, was recently awarded with the "European Innovative Teaching Award 2021" in the field of Primary Education.

The European Innovative Teaching Award 2021 showcase noteworthy teaching practices developed in the Erasmus+ programme and awards the work of teachers and schools that are engaged in projects of European cooperation. In particular, the award focuses on the quality of school education and its objectives are to celebrate the results achieved in this particular year, and to highlight the value of the Erasmus+ programme to all European teachers. This year's theme of the Award was Distance / Mixed / Hybrid Learning, and the prizes covered all educational levels, from Pre-school to Technical and Vocational Education.

The fact that Professor Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheri was awarded with this European recognition makes us very proud. Firstly, because it recognises that the issues and themes that concerns the activity of reading among the youngest are still important and still deserve recognition. Secondly, because this prize encourages and inspires us to improve and enhance our work every day. Congratulations to Professor Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheri and her team for their commitment, diligence, and dedication to the project of The Living Book!

ReadTwinning aims to connect students through shared interests and to develop a love for reading and thanks to this amazing news we renewed the responsibility of our role and the passion for our work.