The University of Cyprus structured the course for the Connected Teachers, a series of modules with plenty of materials and tools inspired by the ReadTwinning approach. The course has been experimented in the partners' countries in a blended form: live and online. This form allowed the participants to enable discussion and interaction between trainees and trainers during the live sessions, and at the same time they had the opportunity to engage with the course material in their own time.

In Cyprus the experimentation happened throughout January and March 2022 (21/01, 04/02, 11/02, 18/03). The Connected Teachers modules created by the University consisted of a series of teaching training seminars for teachers and parent educators regarding the theoretical framework and practical implementation of the Readtwinning approach. The seminars included interactive methodologies and participants had the opportunity to register to the Readtwinning platform and engage in several activities. Participants were also expected to complete three more modules on their own time in the moodle platform.

On the 21st May in Portugal, after a brief presentation of the project and its methodology, the course focused on the presentation of some activities already developed in the school according to the Reading Tandem methodology and included the use of digital tools. The Platform was also presented and described to the participants who show some interest particularly for the Reading Tandem section and for the provided Lesson Plans. To the participants it was given the assignment to create a Reading Tandem that will be run until September.

In Romania, the experimentation took place on the 20th May, the date of the school's annual Symposium. The participants were teachers from the Vaslui area who participated face-to-face, but the event also hosted online guests from other countries and from the school involved in the project. After the general presentation of the project and its results, participants were invited to register for the Readtwinning course. Soon there will be other face-to-face modules of the course which will include the Module 1, the ReadTwinning Approach, and the Module 4, which is focused on the use of the Platform.

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