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During these months the students of the partners' schools in Cyprus, Portugal and Romania made a full immersion in the ReadTwinning World. We asked them some questions regarding their experience and here are their voices from the schools!


Children of the Third Primary School of Makedonitissa who participated in the two tandems evaluated their reading experience through the platform of the Program as a unique experience. Specifically, a student described her experience with the following 3 words: cooperation, way of learning, enrichment. "Cooperation" because all the children of the tandem cooperated with each other and interacted, "way of learning" because they had the opportunity to learn new information and finally, "enrichment", after enriching their vocabulary through various activities. Another student described her experience as fun, relaxing and creative because they had the opportunity, through creative and playful activities, to relax and have fun, while creating various projects in a team spirit.

The children said that they liked the "Discussions" feature of the platform because they had the opportunity to submit their views on a question related to the book they were reading. They also liked the ability provided by the platform for online tools like Padlet to create a presentation on a topic. The main difficulty they encountered was their registration on the platform. Furthermore, the lack of free time prevented them from making more use of the platform from home.

To sum up, the children positively evaluated their participation in this program and as a unique experience, since it was something different. They learned to collaborate and enjoyed reading the same book, being able to participate and interact through a digital platform. All the children would unreservedly suggest to their friends to participate in the Program because it is a fun and wonderful experience. 


Reading Tandem, what do Portuguese students think?

In our opinion a Reading Tandem is...

"For us, Reading Tandems are good reading groups where we really like to participate, because they are a new experience to share ideas about books. What we enjoyed most was participating in the Reading Tandem created by our class about the book "The Widow and the Parrot", and socializing in the Reading Tandem chats. With this Tandem we discovered that, after all, there are many more people like us, who love to read. We had some difficulties in the Platform, because the Internet was slow and because it takes many steps to be able to interact in the Reading Tandem. We recommend that you try the Reading Tandems, because it is a very interesting and fun experience, but before you join, read the book and understand what it is about, so you can participate and "socialize" better."

Nádia, Margarida, Pedro e Beatriz 

What about the Reading Tandem "The Adventures of Ulisses"?

"I liked the Reading Tandem. I think it's a very interesting activity. It's exciting, because you can do many activities; fun because it was fun exploring the platform and inspiring because it motivated me to continue writing. The activity I liked the most was to be able to comment on the comments of my colleagues with "emojis". I didn't have any difficulties and I learned more about the book "Ulysses". If I suggested it to a friend, I'd say Tandem is the most fun part."

Leandro Marques de Sousa

"At first I really liked Tandem, because we can talk to friends. Besides, it was fun, inspiring and lively. The best features are to be able to post videos and hold debates. The application is very simple to use. I really suggest that my friends use and try the platform and do as I am, I had a great time. Above all, this activity is pure fun. READTWINNING is a beautiful site, because we can share our knowledge about books and we can create texts and put "like" on the tales we like."

Gonçalo Albuquerque

"When I started using the platform, I didn't really like the experience, because I couldn't get into the Tandem; it was always blocking and could not send the invitation to participate in the activities. But after some time I was able to get in and participate in the activities. I found the project and the platform incredible. I advise my colleagues and friends to get on the platform and explore everything, as there is no experience like it."

Rodrigo Pinto



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