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There were times when we thought we could not do it. The constraints imposed by the pandemic, with consequent difficulties related to travel, school safety protocols, and family concerns really made it difficult to carry out the activity. However, aware of the important value of this activity for the ReadTwinning pupils, we tried and tried again and, in the end, we succeeded.  


Școala Gimnaziala "Constantin Parfene" Vaslui hosted the first students' exchange of the ReadTwinning partnership from 26th to 30th September, including teachers and students from Cyprus, Portugal and Romania. All the activities were inspired by the book "Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone" suggested by students. Using costumes, settings, images, scenes from the book, all the activities created a magic atmosphere during the week: group activities were organized according to the 4 Houses of the book. During the activities students wrote a magic spell, answered what they would change in our world to make it better creating a poster, imagined, wrote and explained Harry Potter' motto. Other activities included online games using famous quotes from the book, crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles activities, sport activities, dancing on music. Activities were extended to science and students had the possibility of making magic potions through experiments that highlighted the diffusion of ink in water, the separation of liquids with different densities, magical forces - the Archimedean force, the force of the wind and the force exerted by the air on the bodies, observed the magical magnetic field. Students from the partners' schools spent time together, discovering our school, our town, our country's culture and traditions, sharing the love for reading based on interests, connecting with their friends, learning and enjoying the activities together. 


The second exchange of pupils was hosted by Dimotiko Scholeio Makedonitissas 3-Stylianou Lena from 10th to 14th October 2022. 6 pupils 11-13 years old and 4 teachers from Romania and Portugal participated. The Program included many activities of peer learning and collaborative learning to develop students' creativity and critical thinking and to promote the communication and socialization amongst them. Students participated in lessons and activities such as Art, Literature, Poetry, Games, Maths, Robotics and Technology, under the common theme "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". The presentations of their school and countries, the introduction of a native poet and their work from each country, and the active participation in small groups with students from all the partner countries contributed to students' cultural awareness and to the understanding of multiculturalism. It was a great opportunity for the teachers and the students from Portugal and Romania to come into contact with the Cypriot educational system and especially the way the Readtwinning approach is implemented in our school in 5th and 6th grade's curriculum. Everyone enjoyed working together in the various fun and creative activities planned during the week. Moreover, the events and the excursions gave a better insight in Cyprus's rich history, culture and warm hospitality and strengthen the bond between all the participants. 


The last students' Exchange took place in Portugal between 24th and 28th October organized by Agrupamento de Escolas de Vila Nova de Paiva. With a diversified agenda, which included both pedagogical and cultural activities, pupils and teachers involved in the mobility participated enthusiastically in this week's programme. We could feel a positive and pleasant atmosphere and the participants' enthusiam as they participated in the activities developed along the week.The fact that the students and teachers already knew each other helped make communication easier. Families also contributed to make this week unforgettable to our partners. We think the agenda was carefully planned and it met our guests' expectations, according to the feedback we've received from them. The mobilities carried out at the Romanian and Cypriot schools, besides allowing Portuguese pupils to develop and improve their skills in English also gave them the opportunity to live a multicultural experience. This provided them with the acquisition of skills and abilities to relate and adapt in situations involving other cultures,deal with different opinions, knowledge and solutions. A greater autonomy and sense of responsibility, a stronger notion of the importance of inclusion, diversity and tolerance are also among the strengths of these experiences. 



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