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Portugal -Reading is cool 

Reading is important, no matter where, either alone or in company. Therefore, at our school, we develop different reading activities. Today, we tell you about two proposals. In one of them, parents, at home orin the classroom, collaborate with their children in reading projects. The suggestion is reading the same book and then talking about it, by recording a video to show the class. Alternatively, parents may come to school and together with their children they talk to other students about the book they have read. In the other one, the student reads a book and prepares an oral presentation on his own, which will be later presented , in the classroom, from a critical point of view.

Our aim with these activities is to increase motivation in our students to reading. The reasons why they get so engaged in this kind of activities are varied. Some like to prepare the activity with their parents, feeling proud, others like to show their work and finally others are curious about the books presented.

 Cyprus -Quarantine adventures in the land of fantasy by Irini Ptohopoulou - 11 years old student ...

"Quarantine is so boring! Only these words can describe the daily life of the last days. So, I was enjoying the April sun, sitting in a chair in our yard , while my kitten was lying lazily on my feet. There, I fell a sleep for a while.
At one point, I woke up and listened to the daily noises, except that instead of hearing the usual noises, I heard the birds singing, bees buzzing and plenty of laughters.
I opened my eyes and saw a fairytale landscape, which was not familiar. Everything was so small ... I didn't realize where I was and suddenly I started to get smaller too. Only my cat for a strange reason did not shrink. She looked like a giant in my eyes. I carefully climbed on my cat and started riding her…."

This is the start of a story written during quarantine, by Irini Ptohopoulou. It was awarded for best story during quarantine and published by The Research Institute 'PROMITHEAS'.

Romania -Reading groups in Scoala Constantin Parfene

After the Digital Book Fair and Secret Santa organised in December, when students promoted their favourite books with creative posters and gave books as presents, small reading groups have been formed, especially on the primary level, where organising them proved to be much easier.
Thus, in the 3rd A class a special hour is dedicated to reading activities weekly. Out of the promoted books during the Digital Fair, 7 books were selected by students and7 reading goups were formed. The groups have met online, discussing and expressing opinions, designing posters and making drawings and role-playing. Also, maps of the books have been created, different characters have been described, recommendations of other books from the same series have been made. The results were presented to the whole class.
Then, students changed the book, choosing the one that impressed them the most. For the new book, students accepted the teacher's challenge: to present it "behind the eyes" of the characters from famous paintings. Students had to search for famous paintings that captured the act of reading and recreate the atmosphere from the painting. Thus, children investigated the world of art in a creative manner.
On the 2nd grade level, 11 reading groups were formed after the activity of Secret Santa, organized at Christmas. The students' favorite activities were role-playing games, puppets and comics to illustrate an important moment of the book they read.
Well done, students! 

The adventure in the world of books will continue...



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