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Video Tutorials

If you are a user of the ReadTwinning Platform you may have noticed that during the last months a lot of new Reading Tandems have been created. Of course children and young people are more familiar with surfing the net but if there are any doubts left on how to use the Platform the video tutorials are now online to help you!

The ReadTwinning Team created 8 videos that show more in detail the functioning of the platform.

First of all, it is important to have an account to enter the platform. Select the profile type (Librarian for Teachers and Member for students) and register here. About these process there are two videos:

Once you complete the registration process, it is important to edit your profile by adding your photo, your personal interests, the genre of books and films you like. For that we prepared a simple questionnaire so that you could easily find tandems or guru you will enjoy.

Now it is time to find some friends! One of the main ideas of the project is that sharing interests can help in the development of the love for reading. For this, it is important to add friends on the platform with whom share passions, ideas and reading advice!

Now the best part: create and participate in a tandem! The ReadTwinning tandems present different sections in which, with the help of different tools, members can discuss, evaluate or grade the book they are reading together. To describe all the features of the Tandem three videos are available:

 The last figure to complete the presentation is the Guru. Gurus are the experts in some field: they can be ReadTwinning Team members, teachers or librarians who have special interest in some field such as romance, science fiction or historical genre.

View the tutorial videos on the platform here and share your reading experience with the ReadTwinners!

Lesson Plans

Surprises on the Platform do not stop here: now more than 50 Lesson Plans are available on the website!

Designed by the ReadTwinning Teachers to be replicated by any teachers with their students, the Lesson Plans are available in the Resources section (only if you are logged in), and soon they will be at your disposal in all the five languages of the project: English, Italian, Romanian, Cypriot and Portuguese.

The Lesson Plans are extremely various: from the presentation of classical literature books, such as "A Christmas Carol" and "Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hide", to some more digital activities such as "Boookselfie". There is no shortage of ideas on how to develop the reading skills of the children and on how to involve parents in the process.

ReadTwinning Lesson Plans are an important source of ideas on how to enhance the love for reading, if you use them let us know how it went. Have fun!



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