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The Lesson Plans designed, created, and tested by our partner school are ready! 

The ReadTwinning teachers from Cyprus, Portugal, and Romania, also thanks to the experience gained with The Living Book, have worked since the project's beginning on numerous activities to enhance the love for reading in children and teenagers. Their vast knowledge and experience are now enclosed in the ReadTwinning Lesson Plans, which they imagined and tested in class during these last years. Designed to be replicated by any teachers with their students, the Lesson Plans are available on the ReadTwinning page under the section "Resources". Teachers will need to log in to view lesson plans.

ReadTwinning Lesson Plans are very easy to use. You will immediately notice that all lessons are tagged with the suggested age, time, and topic. In addition, some key words were associated with the lesson to make the user understand faster what's inside the plan. For example, for those lessons concentrating on the reading experience and involving the reading tandem methodology you will find the key word "reading tandem". Instead, if a lesson focuses on recognizing the genre of the story, you will find "adventure", "horror" or "romance" as tags. You can also search by tag, so that you can find what your students need to work on. 

By clicking on the title, you can explore the lesson plan, which is structured in six parts: Introduction, Learning Objectives, Process, Tools & Equipment, Useful Links, Conclusion. The Lesson Plans have been thought to be ready to use: they provide the teacher with all the necessary materials and links. In addition, lots of them include a digital tool, which is a perfect element to engage students even more. Many lesson plans include participatory activities, group works and aim at developing critical thinking through books. If this is what you are searching for in your lessons, give it a try and share with us your experience!

The Lesson Plans are available now in English, but in the coming weeks will be available in all partner languages. Start to promote the love for reading by trying the ReadTwinning Lesson Plans! 



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