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Gryd develops online education platforms incorporating emerging technologies and media, conducts technology research, and provides training to educators from across Europe. In the ReadTwinning project, Gryd are responsible for developing the platform and other online tools, drawing upon the expertise and experiences of the other partners, to engage and connect young readers.  

The ReadTwinning platform is the hub where readers connect together, read books in parallel, record their progress and share their reading experiences. Its social functionality enables new reading tandems to form, based on shared interests. Each new user will be assessed through a simple process to discover their interests and the type of books they would like to read. They will then be offered connections with other readers who share their interests and would like to read a similar book. These social connections could be formed for only one book or these 'Connected Readers' may choose to read more books together. The online platform allows for readers to be connected who are from different school years, different schools, different cities, and even different countries. It will also been couraged to connect with readers of differing cultures and socio-economic groups; with the main focus being ontheir shared interests. 

These 'reading tandems', or small groups, will be encouraged to record their progress using tools with in the online reading diary; and to share their experiences within the ReadTwinning Community. Users will be rewarded with points and badges based on their interactions, to motivate them further.
To guide users, the platform includes 'gurus' who will recommend books in several of the most popular themes. Users are free to choose one of these books or to decide on any book that they and their reading tandem would like to read in parallel.
The ReadTwinning platform is also where you can access:

  • ReadTwinning methodological guidelines
  • Practical Lesson Plans
  • Blended Training Courses
  • Toolkits to support the effective use of the platform and associated technologies.

The ReadTwinning community will be a rich, motivating and shared reading environment. The platform is in development now and will be available to use in Summer 2021.



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