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 All-around Europe the schools are closing for the summer holidays. It has been an unusual school year but, despite the pandemic situation, the partner schools of ReadTwinning realized lots of activities and projects to enhance the love for reading. Discover the dedicated posts on our page!

The classes of Cyprus enhanced the use of technology to share the love for reading. A Padlet Wall has been realized and on the wall the children published their ideas and preferences of the books they would like to read.

On the 23rd of April it was International Book Day and the Portuguese partner celebrated this special day with some interesting activities. On our Facebook page you can find some videos where children present the book they read, share their thoughts, and even played some scenes.

After having organized a Digital Fair in Romania, some reading groups were created. Every group had a different book and they met online to analyse the history, the set, and the characters of every book.

Wishing you a fun summer, find here some tips for making summer reading part of the summer fun!

Are you a teacher?

Stimulate creativity by suggesting websites or places where students can get different books or magazines; suggest forming reading tandems or groups and once back to school invite them to share their readings.

Are you parent? 

Read together aloud, ask lots of question about the history, and let your children read something to you. Libraries are precious places: often reading clubs or special summer activities are organized and this could be a good way to nourish the love for reading.

Are you a student? 

Read what you like and what you are curious about; find some reading pals and create a summer reading diary with the books you read. And last but not least, reading is pleasure, enjoy it!



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