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The Platform will be the perfect environment where young readers will share their interests, suggest relevant books, and share rich media content of their reading experience. Our digital team worked to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive experience.

Using the platform is very easy!

Go to the ReadTwinning website, access the section "Community" and log-in. Fill in the form by answering the questions about your favourite films and books, your hobbies, the music you love to listen to and create your own account. Once the account is ready you can personalize your page, find new reading pals, create a tandem, keep a reading diary and share interesting links, photos, and videos. New friends will be suggested to you based on similar hobbies and interests. Gurus will be there to help you find interesting new books and don't forget to collect as many badges as you can!

Once in a Tandem, it is possible to see the activities of the group in the Timeline section, to have an exchange of views about the characters, the story or the setting in the Diary section, and do not forget to write comments in the Review section. You can share rich media content and comments into the Tandem for your tandem partner(s). On the platform it's also possible to create Polls, to decide future activities or reading material for the tandem, and to organize online meetings for the tandem's participants in the Events section. 

As a teacher, share the platform with your students and invite them to be part of the community. Help them in finding new friends with the same interests, guide them in the creation of reading tandems and promote the sharing of experiences in class.

The parents can also be part of the community and live the ReadTwinning experience. Log-in and create a reading tandem with your children, and remember: a reading experience is always better when shared!

Many other things could be done on the platform. To discover them step by step watch the video tutorials on our platform. Tutorials include:

  • How to register for ReadTwinning
  • View and edit your profile
  • Finding Friends
  • Create a Tandem
  • Participate in a Tandem
  • What are Gurus?
  • How to add members to a Tandem

And this is not all, some events to present the ReadTwinning tools are in store for you: keep reading and check out the News section!

What are you waiting for? Become part of the ReadTwinning community and enjoy the platform! 



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