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Here are the voices from Romania!

"I enjoyed using the site and I can define the experience as:

  • Challenging - because I used many of my skills to access the platform.
  • Interesting - because I had the opportunity to interact with people who have the same passion for books like me and see how they perceive some characters or situations.
  • Needed - because there are not many platforms especially created for the interactions between reading enthusiasts. Most sites like Instagram or Facebook are used only to talk, but on this platform people can also post information or fan arts about books."

Miruna Iorga, 8th grade

"I loved using the polls, because it helped me to have a clear idea of how certain aspects of the book were perceived by people in tandem. It has been confirmed to me, using this platform, that reading is an interesting way to spend your time, to travel to new worlds, to experience emotions, to make friends with other people who have the same passion as you. It was also a way to get to know myself and get rich emotionally and intellectually."

Clara Doniga, 8th grade

"I really liked that, for each tandem, we have a private chat where we can discuss everything we'd like about the chosen book. One thing that was a little bit difficult was accessing the platform. I think it would be easier for it to be available as a downloadable social media app while also keeping the web version just like Instagram, WhatsApp, discord, TikTok do. That way people will be more familiar with the interface of the platform and so they will feel more drawn to it. Plus, if it's an app on their phone lock screen then they will see it more often and the chances of opening the app will increase. Another useful thing would be a deadline type of notification as a reminder for you to read and stop postponing it. Overall, I've learned how to listen to everybody's opinion and respect it but also the value of teamwork. If people asked me about my experience, I'd tell them to create an account on the platform as fast as possible so they could start experiencing new things, too!"

Alexia Ivan, 8th grade 



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